• Shopping Guide

    Order flow

    • Step 1. Choose a category, search for the item you are looking for and press "Go".

    • Step 2. Click on the item appeared and check all details very carefully.

    • Step 3. We recommend you to check the shipping cost using online calculator on the item page and proceed with the order pressing "Add to cart" button. Please check each shipping method delivery terms very carefully and make sure once the order is placed, shipping method change is not possible.

    • Step 4. Click on "Check out".

    • Step 5. Please fill in complete delivery address, consignee details, and click on "Order Confirmation".

    • Step 6. Please check all details registered and press "Order Confirmed". Otherwise correct inaccurate information and proceed with the previous step once again.

    • Step 7. Here you will be transferred to PayPal website for payment completion.

    • Step 8. Order is placed once you complete payment.

    Order flow ① (Buy directly on the website.)

    • Step 1. Press EN on the right side of Croooober website.

    • Step 2. Scroll down and click on Search car parts.

    • Step 3. Enter a keyword or click on Automobile/Parts.

    • Step 4. Choose your search parameters, scroll down, and click on Search.

    • Step 5. Click on an item.

    • Step 6. Scroll down and click on "add to cart".
      * Please check the order flow of the ones without the option "add to cart" here.

    • Step 7. Click on Check out.

    • Step 8. Please fill in the blank with your shipping information and then click on Order Confirmation.

    • Step 9. Click on Order Confirmed.

    • Step 10. Proceed to pay at PayPal website.

    • Step 11. Order completed.
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