• Claim

    Claim will be accepted only under the 3 situations listed below.

    ① Order is not delivered within the announced time-frame.
    ② Order arrived in a damaged condition.
    ③ The item differs from the one written in the description.

    * Please be informed, it is only possible to proceed with the claim if you contact us or the shipping company directly within the week after the parcel is delivered.

    ① Package did not arrive.

    Please check estimated delivery time-frame listed below and keep tracking once you parcel has been sent. If the item has not been delivered within the time-frame announced, please send us the order and tracking number in order to proceed with investigation.

    [Estimated delivery time]
    ・DHL Express: 5-10 business days
    ・FedEx: 7-10 business days
    ・EMS: 7-15 business days
    ・SAL: about 1 month
    ・Surface: 1-3 months

    * Delivery may take longer time than it listed above for some countries due to local Customs and Post office procedures.
    Time to solve the claim is about 2-3 weeks for DHL Express and FedEx, 1-2 months for EMS, SAL and Surface).
    Important notice: SAL and Surface does not provide free insurance and in case of claim, reimbursement amount is calculated based on the parcel actual weight and might be less than actually paid amount. That is why, we strongly recommend you to consider it before to choose the shipping method.

    ② Damage during transportation

    If you use DHL Express or FedEx, please contact to the shipping company immediately and report about issue. Second step should be sending us detailed pictures of the part damaged spots and the package outer and inner appearance along with the order number within one week after delivery. We strongly recommend you to keep all packaging materials (inner and outer) until investigation is completed.

    We will also file a claim to shipping company in Japan and make entire follow up. Once we got final authorization we will proceed with compensation. Time to solve the claim is about 2-3 weeks.
    *Please note in some cases it might be necessary to submit claim to shipping company directly and make entire follow up in your country.

    If you use EMS, SAL or Surface, please bring the parcel with its original package to your local post office and file a damage report. Please be informed it might be necessary to leave the damaged part at the post office (varies due to country)
    Send us the damage report's copy which should include your post office branch, officer name in charge and submission date within one week after delivery.

    Based on your claim we will proceed with the investigation case here in Japan doing all necessary procedures and will keep you updated. Please be informed we are unable to proceed with the claim in Japan without your report.

    We will proceed with compensation once we got an authorization from Japan Post. Time to solve the claim is about 1-2 months (depending on various facts sometimes investigation might be faster or even take longer time).

    ③ Wrong information provided in the item page

    Send us any evidence (pictures/video) where we are able to confirm the issue along with the order number within one week after delivery. If the described information is wrong indeed, we will check it with the store and do our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Time to solve the claim is about 1-2 weeks.
    Important point: while the item description is being translated by online tool, there might be inaccuracy. We strongly recommend you to read description very carefully and if necessary, inquire us for more details or clarification before you proceed with the order. Otherwise the claim is not accommodated.

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