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    About Order

    I want to place an order, how do I proceed?

    Please refer to "Shopping Guide".

    How can I know the shipping cost?

    Please check whether you switched the website to English and find the shipping calculator where you are able to get the shipping cost to your place.
    Once the website is in EN, please refer here in order to request shipping cost.

    Why my order was cancelled even if I already paid?

    The stock information is not being updated in real time and the item had been probably sold at the store before you placed the order. And the less considerable option is the ordered item is not allowed for international shipping or does not meet shipping company`s size/weight limitation set for your country.

    Can I cancel my order placed?

    As per the store policy order cancellation is not permitted. We strongly recommend to check the part condition and description very carefully or request us for additional information before to proceed with the order to avoid any issues.

    Why shipping cost is not available for my country?

    Either the shipping companies are not able to arrange delivery to your country or the item dimensions are over the limit permitted for transportation.

    Can I order parts not listed on website through Croooober?

    We are unable to arrange parts purchase or their overseas delivery from other websites.

    Can I get notification when a sold-out part is back in stock?

    Yes, you are able to get such notification. We suggest you to have registered, and use our "Commodity stock notification" tool.

    About Payment

    Are all the taxes included in total amount?

    Total amount includes shipping cost and item cost only. As for import duty taxes, they are not included, because they are to be paid in your country. For more details please refer to your local Customs institutions.

    Are there other payment methods besides PayPal?

    While PayPal secures our Customers by guaranteeing the parcel delivery, we have only this payment option to offer.

    Can I pay using PayPal credit?

    E-checks and send money services are not served. PayPal credit is possible, but in Japanese Yens only. For any other inquiries, we suggets you to inqure directly to PayPal customer service.

    I am having an issue with placing my order. Can you assist me or check whether the item in stock?

    If the item is appearing online without "Sold out" label, it is in stock.
    Sometimes there might be internet connection issue, that is why we suggest you to give it a try once again in a few minutes. Otherwise, we will appreciate if you send us the screenshot of the issue and explain which step the issue is occurring.

    About Delivery

    What should I do if:
    - delivered item is damaged;
    - different item is delivered;
    - I have got not full set as described (some accessories have not arrived)?

    In case of damage, please take enough pictures (video if necessary) of the damaged package and contact to the shipping company first to file a claim in your country, then get in touch providing us with clear evidence.
    In all other cases, please contact Croooober Customer service directly and send pictures of package inner and outer appearance and item itself (damaged spots) within 7 days after delivery. Your request will be reviewed within 2 business days and appropriate instructions will be sent.

    An item is arrived, but it is not the one I ordered. What should I do?

    Please send us several pictures where we are able to get the case within the following 7 days after the parcel is delivered. We will proceed with investigation and do its best to resolve it as soon as possible.

    Do you ship through other freight forwarders?

    Currently we ship using DHL Express, FedEx, EMS, SAL and Surface.

    Can I use my own shipping label for delivery?

    We are not able to dispatch the parts using another shipping labels.

    I have already paid, when is the item going to be shipped?

    The item will be shipped within 2-5 business days after payment is confirmed.

    I have already paid, can I correct or change delivery address?

    It depends on the status of parcel and shipping method you have chosen. In any case, we recommend you to contact us as soon as possible so we can check it and give advice. If there are additional costs, they must be paid by the Customer.

    Why is the tracking information not valid?

    One of the points below is a reason why you are not able to track your parcel:
    1. The parcel has not been picked up yet. We recommend you to check the pick up date announced and track accordingly;
    2. The shipping company depending on the pick up area in Japan updates tracking information on the next business day after the pick up service is performed;
    3. In case of SAL shipping method some of the destination countries are not able to update its status in a time manner.
    4. Surface shipping method tracking is not available when the parcel is on the ship in the sea. Once the ship reaches destination country coast, the tracking will become available.

    If you have not got any tracking information within 3 business days after placing the order, we recommend you to contact us.

    What is the difference between shipping companies (methods)?

    DHL Express, FedEx and EMS offer almost similar service, with delivery terms ranged between 5 and 10 business days. DHL Express provides air priority delivery only that is why is the fastest, FedEx mainly offers economy freight, fees vary depending on package weight and volume. EMS is the fastest economy shipping method with quite strict package size and weight limitation, usually arranges delivery within 10 business days. SAL and Surface are cheaper services with longer delivery terms, strict package size and weight limitation and sometimes without tracking system.

    How the shipping cost is calculated?

    The shipping cost is determined by weight and volume of the product for each country separately.

    Can you dispatch to my country?

    While we have an online shipping calculator on each item page, it is easy to check the shipping avilability to your country. If shipping cost is not available, we are unable to arrange delivery to your country.

    About Warranty & Return

    Does the purchased item include a warranty?

    Since almost all our parts are used, they are being sold in a condition stated online and no guarantee is included. Please refer to the item description or contact Croooober Customer Service if you need to clarify anything before placing an order to avoid any issue.

    I cannot use the purchased item, can I return it?

    While we are not performing any returns, we strongly recommend to consider vary carefully before proceeding or refrain from buying in order to avoid any issues.

    About Password

    I have forgotten my password.

    You can reissue your password in case you forgot it.
    * When entering your email address, it will automatically change to the newly issued password. Please note that after you press the "Send" button, you can only use the newly created password.
    Password reissue could be done here: https://www.croooober-id.com/en/forget_passwords/new

    I cannot log in. What is the matter?

    Please make sure there is no unnecessary space or other incorrect details and try again.

    I changed my password and I cannot log in.

    It might be necessary to wait a bit after you change your password. Verify your email address and password and try it again. We also recommend to check whether the email address and password are matching. The password might also have been incorrectly entered during the change. If you still cannot log in, please try to reissue your password again.

    There seems to be a problem after I changed my email address. How to resolve it?

    If you wish to change your email address, please note the following. If the new email is already in use, it will result in an error, therefore change will not be possible. If it has been already registered, please proceed to unsubscribe the unnecessary member ID.

    About Membership

    Is there any registration or membership fee?

    No, it is free of charge.

    I do not know how to register a membership. Can you help?

    Please refer to Member Registration flow: https://www.croooober.com/help/en/registration/

    Can I see your handling of registered personal information privacy policy?

    Please refer to the privacy policy.

    I would like to unsubscribe or cancel my account, what should I do?

    Please unsubscribe here
    In case of unsubscription, please note your purchase history, customized profile, registered data and posts will become no more available. The user name (to be unsubscribed) in your inquiries will be changed.

    About Mark

    What does the star rating mean?

    In Croooober we are ranking the state of the parts by the number of stars (★), where:

    ★★★★★ (New Item)
    New Parts
    ★★★★☆ (Unused Item)
    Part has not been used even once by normal users, sellers, or manufacturers
    ★★★☆☆ (Used Item, Good Condition)
    Part is in good condition with very little signs of use.
    ★★☆☆☆ (Used Item)
    Part has signs of use
    ★☆☆☆☆ (Used Item)
    Part has heavy signs of use and is not in good condition
    ☆☆☆☆☆(Junk Item)
    Imperfect item, with defects

    Important: while the part contains detailed pictures and description, we strongly suggest to check that information as well in order to get entire part state.


    I am interested in doing business with Croooober and become a partner, whom should I contact?

    Croooober is a platform for individual use only, that is why we do not have any type of cooperation form existed.

    Is it possible to reduce the declared value in the commercial invoice? Can it be declared as a gift?

    While it is very strict in Japan, we are unable to change the value of declared parts or send them as a gift. We are able to create the shipping documents based on the actual information only.

    General questions about the parts

    Is the price for all set or for 1 wheel only?

    The price appearing on the item page is for the set being sold and appearing on the pictures. Please refer also to the item description in order to reconfirm the quantity.

    Does the item price include the shipping fee and import duty taxes?

    The price appearing on the item page does not include shipping cost and import duty taxes. The shipping cost is to be paid additionally when place an order, but import duty taxes are to be paid on delivery in your country.

    I cannot understand description field, how should I clarify it?

    While automatic online translation tool is being used, some clarifications might be required. Please contact to Croooober Customer Support Team for more details.

    I would like to request some additional pictures or specify item details, how to do it?

    We will be happy to serve you and clarify any question, but please be informed, any inquiries on item condition, fitting, additional pictures etc., are possible before the order is placed. Otherwise, no claims are accommodated and order cancellation is not permitted.

    I am not sure about part compatibility, could you confirm it?

    Basically, almost all our parts being sold are for Japanese RHD vehicles. Even if there are similar LHD model made overseas, we are unable to make you sure and provide with any guarantee. We suggest you to check this matter on your own.

    Do wheels come with the tires as its appearing on the pictures?

    There are some rim sets listed with the tires on where in fact they come without. We recommend you to check the item category it is registered in. For example, even if a tire and wheels set shown on the picture, but its registered in "Rim" category, such set will come as the rims only and tires will be removed before shipping.

    Do the parts come with all necessary spare parts and accessories (mounting bolts, screws, etc.)?

    While the parts are used, all of them are being sold in the state appearing on the pictures and as per description. You will be sent with the product appearing on the pictures.

    I would like to buy only a part of a set being sold (one of headlights, half set of wheels, tail lamps, winking lights, center pipe only, center caps only, etc.), is it possible to do that if I pay full price?

    It is only possible to proceed with the order purchasing the item in the state and condition it is being sold. The set will not be separated, sold and shipped partly even if you agree to pay full price.

    Could you divide a bumper, side steps, interior panel of other big parts in order to pack it in a smaller box to save on shipping cost?

    The store staff is not able to do any modification including removing or dividing. The item will be packed and shipped in the state it is appearing on the pictures. Unless the part is possible to dissemble originally.

    Will the rim set price become cheaper if I buy them without tires?

    We have a special service for tire and wheel sets only (Rim and Tire set category), where it is possible to purchase the wheels having the tires removed in order to save on shipping, but the item price will not become cheaper.
    Please note tire removal service is not avilable for the wheel over 20 inch in size.

    Is the item price and shipping cost negotiable?

    As per the store policy it is non-negotiable.

    I am searching for coilovers for my car, can you help me?

    Since this type of parts is in prohibited list of articles for export, we are no more able to arrange its delivery.

    The shipping cost is not available on the item page. Could you check it and provide me with quotation?

    It is only possible to proceed with the order if the shipping cost to your country is available online. However, we would appreciate it if you contact us anyway, so we are able to check it on a system error matter.

    Can I change the shipping method of my order?

    The shipping method chosen is not possible to change.

    I have ordered wheels set recently, but found another one which meets my requirements better. Can I exchange the set for another one?

    Order exchange is not possible.

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