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The world is developing at such a fast pace that you can’t keep up with the updates.
PayPal, one of the famous financial institutions, now offers a “Buy Now, Pay Later” shopping option.
And guess what? It’s interest-free!

There are several benefits to using the “Pay in 4” feature:

  • Convenience: This feature allows customers to make purchases without having to pay the full amount upfront
  • Interest-free payments: With “Pay in 4,” the payments are interest-free, meaning customers won’t be charged any additional fees for using this service
  • Easy to use: The “Pay in 4” feature can be easily accessed via a PayPal account and selected as a payment option during checkout
  • Widely accepted: Many merchants have partnered with PayPal to offer this service, so customers can use it at a variety of authorized retailers
  • Flexibility: With “Pay in 4”, customers can split the payments into four equal parts
  • No credit check: This feature does not require any credit check history
  • A good way to manage cash-flow: This feature can be helpful for those who want to make a big purchase but don’t have the cash readily available

Here are some rules of “Pay in 4”:

  • You need to have Pay`Pal account registered
  • Plan is available in 5 countries: the USA, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany
  • The first installment is to be paid at the time of order, and subsequent ones every 15 days
  • Of course, the plan is interest-free!

Below is what it looks like:

  • Add to cart, fill in your address & choose the shipping method:
  • Log in PayPal
  • Choose Pay in 4
  • Check 4 installments details
  • Get the part before the payment is completed

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written by

Nurlan Nurkulov