Combined Shipping Option Start!!!


Combined packaging is a very advantageous service that allows you to save on shipping charges. Please use this opportunity!

Please find below the flow how to place the multiple parts order

Please search for the parts desired through the link below

check here!!

Search method & order flow

※Combined shipping option conditions.

There are some important points we would like you to be informed about.

・Only Croooober Shop brand new parts coming from the same maker are possible to combine

・Combined shipping option is only possible to get shipped to one customer.

・Only 『SS』and 『S』sized parts are possible to combine.

・The maximum number of parts that can be combined is 5 pieces

・We will keep our right to refuse to accept the combined order from the customers who had any issue in the past (parcel accepting refusal etc.)

・If the payment is not performed shortly, your order might be canceled.

・Once the payment is done and the order is accepted, no changes or order cancellation is possible!
Please make sure there are no mistakes in advance.

・We may refuse the combined shipping request if we find the parts selected enough risky to combine

About payment and delivery

・Payment can only be made by PayPal. Make sure you have it because we are not able to accept Payments performed as a guest.

・Depending on the destination country some shipping methods may be not available. Please contact us for additional questions.


Once you selected the parts you would like to purchase, contact us through the email below without placing the order yet

Please send us the parts link you are interested in, the parts quantity you prefer, and the delivery address.

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 Country of delivery


I’m waiting for an email

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