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RAYS TE37s Wheels – What are the differences between them?


The Rays TE37 series can be confusing

There is currently 25 active variation of the TE37 models and let’s be fair some of them just look exactly the same. For example, the TE37, TE37 SL, and TE37 SAGA seem to be exactly the same as the first glance.

So let’s breakdown the TE37 at this post and figure out what so different or similar about them. 

The similarities

All TE37s come with the classic six spoke design, all of them have the word “Volk Racing Wheel” written on the spoke and are 1-piece forged wheels which clear the JWL standard.

And most importantly, all of them are made in Japan which assures consistent high-quality production.

The differences

So let’s get things rolling, here are what makes them different!

  • TE37: The original TE37. Started from the 15-inch model.
  • TE37 GRAVEL:  The TE37 model made for rally and dirt trial competition
  • TE37 GRAVEL II: The upgrade version of TE37 Gravel with improved strength and stiffness
  • TE37 KCR: A TE37 model made for the k-car model
  • TE37 KCR BZ EDITION: A redesigned version of KCR model in bronze-color
  • TE37 LARGE P.C.D. Progressive Model: Uses a new shape called “cliff design center” to increase rigidity, reduce weight while accentuating the design. Any TE37 model with the name “large P.C.D” means the model is made for the SUV or 4×4
  • TE37 SAGA: Is an improved version of the TE37 with a modern look with more power and speed
  • TE37 SAGA TIME ATTACK EDITION: The 2018-2019 version of TE37 SAGA which utilizes the “Redot Lining” technology
  • TE37 SL: The lightweight model of the TE37
  • TE37 SL BLACK EDITION II: A model with unique color offering with utilizing a special painting technique called “REDOT”
  • TE37 SONIC: Improved version of the TE37 for compact cars
  • TE37 SONIC CLUB RACER: No information was found regarding this model
  • TE37 ultra: Made for high-performance cars such as the GT-R & Porchea. Includes knurling finishes for better tire grip and air-valve with a high flow capacity for easy pressure manipulation
  • TE37 ultra LARGE P.C.D: This Ultra model completely re-designed for high-performance, high power SUVs & Land Cruisers.
  • TE37 ultra TRACK EDITION: Is an improved version of  Ultra Track Edition which is 400-grams lighter
  • TE37X UL: The “X” in TE37X meant the model is built for offroading while “UL” refers to Ultra Light.
  • TE37 X Progressive model: No information was found regarding this model
  • TE37SB: The 37 model made for Van (e.g: Hiace & Caravan)
  • TE37SB tourer: The Sporty version of TE37SB
  • TE37V: A deep rim model made for vintage car
  • TE37V MARK-II: A widebody fitment version of the TE37V made for circuit racing
  • TE37V MARK-II LIMITED MODEL: A new limited version of the TE37V Mark-II, no information is available about what makes this model different than the original model.
  • TE37V MC: Made in 2018, the TE37V MC is a limited edition model with special color made for the AE86, NA, and NB Roadsters. This model is only available to the Japanese market and was produced in limited quantities.
  • TE037 6061: The latest TE37 model available in the market made for middle-class sports cars with the 5×114.3 bolt pattern. The wheel is made from a special kind of material called “extra-super duralumin”.

So there you have it, all of the TE37 models explained! Although we were unable to retrieve information for some models, this should be enough to shed some lights on the differences between all the confusing TE37 models!

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written by

Alexander Tee