NISMO Wheels – Past to Present (2019)


Who doesn’t love the simple yet aggressive design of the NISMO LM GT4?

But how many of you are aware of the other NISMO wheels, what their story behind and if they are forged or cast? Here in this, article, we are going to look at every single wheel and explore the story behind them.


The NISMO LM GT MAG is a very old version of NISMO Wheel. It is unsure when was it in production but it dates all the way back to 2004. If you do a Google search on this wheel, you can barely find more than 20 photos on it. That’s how rare it is!

Made from Magnesium, this 1-piece wheel is built for specifically for the BCNR33 and BNR34 GT-R chassis. It was only offered in one specification which was the 5×114.3 bolt pattern in 20×10 ET 20. As it was made with magnesium, it was a really pricy wheel. A single LM GT MAG wheel was price up to 137,500 YEN which is twice the cost of a single LM GT4 wheel today.


The NISMO MM-8 is another rare wheel dated back all the way to 2003. Unlike the LM GT MAG, you still can find the wheel pop-up once a while at our store – Croooober. This might due to it’s the affordable price and resulted in more people owning in. That said, it is still a very rare sight to see anyone with this wheel on the road today.

This wheels originally come in two colors: Silver & White. It’s a 1-piece forged wheel built for the circuit and it said to be 33% lighter than OEM wheels back then. Like the NISMO LM GT MAG, this wheel only comes in one size, which is 15×6 ET 40 with the 4×100 bolt pattern.

NISMO MC-8 & MC-8 Plus

The MC-8 wheel is modeled after the MM-8 forged wheel. Thus, for those who are looking for a wheel that has a similar design with the MM-8, the MC-8 / MC-8 Plus is your go-to wheel. However, unlike the MM-8, the MC-8 is a cast wheel. In 2015, NISMO has stopped the production for MC-8 model and has replaced it with the MC-8 Plus model.

Built & visual-wise, it doesn’t seem there is any difference between the MC-8 & MC-8 Plus version. However, with the 4×100 bolt pattern available, the NISMO MC-8 PLUS is intended for the k-car market in Japan. Priced at 28,038 YEN per wheel, this 15-inch cast wheel is made specifically for the Nissan Micra (k13).


The NISMO LM GT1, only God knows when was in production. A rough guess will be way back in 1999. The LM GT1 has a very similar appearance compared to the LM GT3. Both have very flat spoke and very similar design. The only significant difference is perhaps, the GT1 is a 3-piece wheel while the GT2 is a 2-piece wheel.


The irony of the LM GT2 is that, despite being the predecessor of the LM GT3, you might have better luck finding them on the market compared to its successor. Build-wise, the GT2 is no different from the GT3, both of them are 2-piece wheels. Appearance-wise, they look very similar, both with five-spokes and with bolts. One major difference is that the LM GT3’s spoke is more on the curvy side while the LM GT2 is flat.


The predecessor of the infamous LM GT3 is not a bad wheel at all. It is truly a shame that it is no longer in production and getting your hand on one is difficult but not impossible. Unlike the 1-piece forged LM GT4, the GT3 version is a 2-piece wheel. As it was a very old wheel, there was no information anywhere on the internet what specification were they initially available in.


Perhaps the most famous NISMO wheels out there. This NISMO Wheel has been in production since back in 2001. The specification for NISMO LM GT4 has been changing throughout the decades, as it was used to be available in 4×100 and in 15 inch!

However, the latest models in the past few years are mainly made specifically for the BNR32, BCNR33 & BNR34 chassis.

The NISMO LM GT4 comes in four different colors – Black (Gloss & Matte), Bronze, Silver & White. 

However, other than the black version, the other colors are no longer in production. That said, only a limited number of LM GT4 are produced every other year. The last batch was produced back in 2016, which is the Omori Factory Specification batch in glossy black. The latest announcement from NISMO website showed that there will be a new batch of LM GT4 coming out this year in 2019.

NISMO LM GT4 in Silver

Nismo LM GT 4 Silver

NISMO LM GT4 in Bronze


NISMO LM GT4 in White

NISMO LM GT4 WhiteThe latest NISMO wheel each weight from 7.6kg to around 9.1kg (sorry American, no non-metric system for you guys), with the retail price from 60,000 to 68,000 YEN each.

Nissan GT-R R35 NISMO Wheel

This 20-inch 1-piece forged alloy wheel which looks like a slim up version of the LM GT4, is the OEM wheel that comes with the Nissan GT-R Track Edition or the Nissan GT-R NISMO.

As this is an OEM wheel, NISMO does not sell the wheel separately. However, you still can try to find used if anyone decides to sell them.

At the moment of this article, there is only one available at Croooober site selling at 499,999 YEN ($4,474) for a set of four.

Nissan 370z NISMO Wheel

The 370z NISMO wheels, is a 1-piece forged alloy wheel for NISMO edition Nissan 370z. Unlike other NISMO wheel until now, which has a strong sense of individuality and identity, the 370z wheel sparks a very similar feel with the Nissan E12 NISMO, Note NISMO, Nissan K1 march wheels.

Since most of the car models mentioned are not on the luxury range, thus, giving this NISMO wheel, a less than premium feel to it.

BBS RI-A engineered by NISMO

As the name suggested, this is a wheel designed by BBS but engineered by NISMO. Made for the Nissan GT-R R35, this 1-piece forged aluminum wheel only come in a single specification. This wheel is currently still in production and the order for latest batch just ended in 31st of Jan 2019.

The retail price for a set of four of this wheel is 772,000 YEN ($6,890), with a rough cost of each wheel at 193,000 ($1,724).


The NISMO LMX5 debuted all the way back in 2004. This 1-piece cast wheel has a five-spoke design made specifically for the SUV. This wheel only comes with the 5×114.3 bolt pattern and in three colors – Black, Silver & Diamond.

Back in 2004, the wheel was priced from 36,000 YEN to 46,000 YEN per wheel. Although this is an old model and no longer in production, you can still easily find them on Croooober.


Engineered based on the data on GT500 races, the NISMO LMX6 is a 1-piece cast wheel designed to be lightweight and strong. Available in 17, 18 & 19 inches, two colors (Chrome & Black) and in the 5×114.3 bolt pattern, this wheel is made for several vehicle models. The Nissan Serena (C26, C27), Nissan Leaf (ZE0, ZE1), Nissan Elgrand (E52) and the Nissan X-Trial (T32). The wheel is retail at 38,0000 YEN for the 17-inch and 42,000 YEN for the 18-inch.


The NISMO LMX6S is a 1-piece cast wheel made to replace the NISMO LMX6 made for the 3rd generation Nissan X-Trail (T32) chassis and the Nissan Elgrand 250XG. It comes with three different specifications, in 18 or 19-inch for the 5×114.3 bolt pattern. The retail price for the 18 inch is 43,000 YEN and 48,000 YEN for the 19 inch. What makes the LMX6S stands out it, the wheel is optimized for the mentioned vehicle equipped with NISMO lowdown suspension


The NISMO LMZ5 is a beautifully designed and engineered 1-piece forged wheel for the Nissan Fairlady Z34. This masterpiece only comes in 5×114.3 and two specifications: 19×9 ET47 & 19×10 ET30. Priced at 82,620 YEN per wheel, they are definitely not at the cheaper end.

NISMO 370z (Z34) OEM Wheel

The Z34 NISMO wheel is the OEM wheel of the 2013-2014 NISMO Edition of the 370Z. It’s a forged 1-piece wheel.

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written by

Alexander Tee